Lunchtime Conversation with My Brother

Me:  I was in DC last week and they are still doing construction on the Mall.  I asked what they were doing and Stefphanie said, “drainage and plumbing or something.”  Well, I call BS.  They must be working on the Ark of the Covenant facility.

Scott:  The Ark of the Covenant is not in Washington.

Me:    (thinking)

Scott: It was right at the entrance of the storage..

Me:  Yeah, yeah.  Fourth movie.  (If we stipulate that as part of the canon.)

Me:  That doesn’t mean anything.  It was like, 20 years later – so they moved it!

Scott:  Maybe.  But you are assuming that because Indy was in Washington, the cutaway was also in Washington.

Me:   But there was no Area 51 in the ’30s!

Scott:  Not that you know of!

2 Comments on “Lunchtime Conversation with My Brother

  1. The warehouse at the end of Raiders is the same one from Crystal Skull. You can tell by the girders near the ceiling. And I am a sad nerd.

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