What the cupcake truck really needs…

2:00 yesterday afternoon, the cupcake truck was outside my office.  I went down to get one.  Two, actually, Stef was busy doing something.  It was raining outside, but not very hard.  My jacket is water resistant and I hadn’t bothered to do my hair that day.  However.

I got to about third in line when two ladies in the front were debating what to get in their six-pack of cupcakes and one actually asked the guy whether a particular flavor is any good.

Because he was going to day “No”?

The cupcake truck needs a Soup Nazi.

People, I never liked Seinfeld.  I found the characters stupid and self-absorbed to the border of evil.  But Soup Nazi!

OK, sometimes he was harsh.  A one year ban is pretty serious.  But I believe that a guy can choose who he doesn’t want to do business with and there is no law that says you can’t discriminate against people that are pokey, lazy, indecisive or foolish.  Or kissing when they should be ordering.  Also, instead of catering to the lowest common denominator of customers, he took care of the regulars.  The ones that liked the food, knew the rules and kept the line moving.

I would totally patronize the Soup Nazi’s establishment.

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