Week on the Road

I flew to Fargo Monday morning.  Because Joy was there and it was not 20-below, we took a walk downtown for dinner.  We were told the best restaurant in downtown Fargo is Juano’s.  We saw a sign that said “Monday – $1.99 Margaritas”  so I was in.  It was good, but hard-core Mexican food people might find it bland.

The next morning I thought I might walk the couple of blocks to the coffee shop.  But it was 12 degrees.  Then the flights were delayed and I spent six hours in the Fargo airport.  This wouldn’t have been so bad except that the guy that ran Barnstormer – the airport restaurant – retired and took with him the recipe for his famous beer cheese soup.

That should be illegal.

Wednesday, I flew to Washington, still feeling the motion sickness from the day before.  I met Holly for dinner Thursday and found this at Pentagon Row:

Dear Chicago:  It seems that 52 degrees is not “too warm” to open an outdoor rink.

I managed to forget my phone at the hotel, which I discovered while waiting for the Metro to go to the airport three hours after checking out.  Because I am the luckiest freaking person alive, housekeeping hadn’t gotten to the room yet and I was able to retrieve it without even making myself late.

Now I am home, exhausted but happy.  I also finished trimming the Christmas trees.  I am at least half ready for the holiday.

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