And It Hasn’t Changed a Bit

Back in Washington.  And for anyone who is new here, don’t bother trying to break into my house because I do not live alone, I have a dog and I have ADT.

My cab was already parked out front when I came downstairs at 6am.  My dog did not make a fuss.  Traffic was fine.  My secret airport security line remained true.  I nearly forgot to take my bag o’liquids out, but never mind that.  Oh, and I gave the Stare of Death to a chick that tried to line jump me and she submitted to my authori-tay.  I had Auntie Anne’s pretzels for breakfast and an absolutely perfect Diet Coke from the fountain.

I had an exit row seat and slept for nearly the entire flight.

My bag was first off the line.  My Metro train was pulling up just as I got to the platform.  I happen to be using the bag in which I last left my key to the DC office, which is double-cool because I really hadn’t remembered where I left it.

I tried a new combination at the awesome Atrium Cafe deli and it totally worked.  The rain held off until we got back to the office. I had a few good meetings and checked in at the hotel where I have perfectly serviceable wi-fi.

I forgot my sunglasses, but you know.  It’s always something.

The Travel Gods have smiled upon me and I am grateful.  All Hail, Gods of Travel.

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