Short Week in Washington

Just got back to town.  Let’s start with “things I forgot”:

  1. Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, face cleanser.  Because I left them in the shower in Honolulu.  This led me to spend $20 at the new Lush store in Pentagon City, and I was still using hotel shampoo.
  2. Cash.  I had about $20 on me, and I made it work without shelling out an ATM fee.  Ha.
  3. Plug for the iPhone, so I was required to charge it through my computer.  Unacceptable.  I will have to get another plug and keep it in my suitcase.

So.  The National Federation of the Blind was having a conference in the hotel this time.  I have never seen so many labrador retrievers in my life.  It was awesome.  Their handlers took them to do their business on a grassy patch across the street which was an interesting sight at 7:30 in the morning.  18 dogs trying to pee in the same 8 by 20 piece of urban landscape.

Yes, they all cleaned up the mess.

I have always been impressed by the (seeming) ease with which the blind can navigate the world.  Multiply that by about a thousand for navigating a strange city.  Stefphanie and I were talking about over lunch at McD’s – first Shamrock Shake of the season – and as I was marveling over the blind successfully hailing a taxi, Stef was noted a blind couple finding an empty table during the lunch rush at McDonald’s.  I imagine that many of these folks have some small range of vision, as opposed to total darkness, but still.

In other news, I am sorry to say the weather failed me and I didn’t get out to see Dr. King’s memorial.  Next time, I am sure.

Today, I am hating on those that drag their rolling luggage onto the airplane after the gate agent tells them to gate check it.  You people waste my time and worse than that, someone is going to get hurt.

And finally, I am pretty sure I saw Lisa Madigan boarding my flight.  Which would be the second time I have seen her on the ORD-DCA-ORD commuter flights.  Assuming it was her, I would like to report that she was not dragging a carry on with her and not yammering on a cell phone.  Which pretty much means I will be voting for her in the next election.

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