Back at the Library

I raced home Thursday to give Eloise her meds and “baby cereal”. Then I had to change my clothes. Ate a Lean Cuisine pizza standing up at the counter talking to my mother about…something..I don’t remember – before racing off to my shift at the Library Used Book Store.

Between the holidays and Convention, I hadn’t been there since before Christmas, and you know what that means. I spent a big chunk of time poring through the shelves in case something cool came in while I was out.

I picked up a copy of the Warren Commission Report. No, I don’t actually see myself reading the whole thing for real. But I am building a library. Shouldn’t every library have a copy? Now that I think about it – I refused to even touch the Starr Report. And I don’t have the 9/11 report, either. Whatever. It was a dollar. Then I saw a beautiful copy of an early Ian McEwan novel that I haven’t read yet.

Finally, I started taking out new inventory. I only went through one box – on a good night I can go through four. And I only listed two books online. But it was nice to be back.

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