Check Your Assumptions at the Door

There is a …I’ll go ahead and call him Senior…Asian gentleman that I have seen at the Library a couple of times in the last month or so. He reminded me of the grandfather of my childhood friend Augie.

I had never heard him speak, (which makes sense, because we were in the Library) so I wasn’t sure whether he spoke English. But tonight, he came over to look at the used books and started a small pile on the desk.

He asked if we were doing a holiday sale. His English was accented, but clear. Like he was raised in another country, but had been here for 20 or 30 years. I gave him the dates, December 6 and 7. I said that if I were him, I’d go on Saturday because the really good books would likely be gone by Sunday. He said, “Yes, but don’t you do a clear-out on Sunday?” No. No “$2 to fill a bag” deals here.

“Well, then I will take your advice.” He weeded out a couple of books from his pile and wanted to buy the remaining three. I checked the prices. He said, “Oh, they are only the $1 books. I check because I am cheap.” We laughed.

I took his money, gave him change and put his books in a bag. I noticed his clothes – very modern American, brightly colored. Why had I wondered whether he spoke English? Was it because of Augie’s grandfather (who didn’t)?

Why am I telling you this? Check out what he bought:

  1. A modern mystery/thriller. I forget the author’s name, but it was of the Kellerman variety
  2. A memoir by Bob Zmuda (not 100% sure I have that name right) about his friendship with Andy Kaufman
  3. A history of the New York Yankees

I suppose that the books could be gifts..but I rather think that I simply misjudged this person.

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