Amazon Feedback Makes Me Insane

A couple of months ago, a lady left negative feedback for the Library Used Book Store on Amazon. If I remember correctly, she said it was a horrible, useless book. Really.

First of all, it is hardly the fault of the seller if you find that a book does not suit your needs. We listed it by the ISBN and described the condition. Accurately.

Second, we never sent the book. We could not find it in stock and promptly refunded the money with an apology. We politely sent a message to the lady regarding the latter and asked for a retraction. Never got one. Finally, it dropped out of our 30-day feedback and life went on.

Today, I saw another negative:

“A rip off. Does not work. Bought the Apple cable with more plugs, and it works perfectly. Don’t waste you money or time on this junk. “

What the heck kind of A/V stuff did we sell? I clicked on the link. It was for a cloth-bound book with gilt lettering.

What? Did we actually get negative feedback meant for someone else? A small seller account like ours takes a pretty big hit from that feedback and I am livid. And all I can do is send out this public service announcement:

Please be careful with your feedback. We want it to be honest; we want it to be an accurate reflection of the transaction. And we want it to really be meant for us. Don’t just click on your last transaction and start typing. And? You might try contacting the seller about a problem before leaving that feedback.

Thank you for your attention.

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