First Night Back

And the Library is packed.  I arrived early, and took a walk around.  The children’s room was buzzing.  And there were actual teens in the Teen Room.  It has booths in it, like a diner.  Not that food is allowed in there.  I am only getting away with my Diet Coke because the Used Book Store is off the main lobby and food/drinks (and cell phone use) are exclusively allowed there.  Of course, I saw a Starbucks cup in the childrens room and the cell phone use is generally pervasive.

There hasn’t been much traffic since I arrived at 6pm, but we have made nearly  $100 on the day, which is great.  The book shelves aren’t entirely in order (does someone want to tell me why 1776 was in the Fiction section?!), but close enough.  And more donations are already arriving.  I  went through few piles and two books were worthy of listing on Amazon.

Of course, then I had to start scribbling into the calendar – all of the nights that I won’t be here due to the travel schedule.  Ugh.

I would like it noted for the record that I am now halfway through my shift, and I have not purchased a single book.  I did, however, return the two that I had checked out for the extended period while the Library was closed.  My mother finished hers.  I didn’t open mine. 

All we really need in here is a cushy reading chair, in full view of the Amazon bookshelves, so that the evil thieves that like to steal from charities might be thwarted.  Until then, I shall be content at a desk chair.  At a desk.  With a laptop.  And all these books.

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