Counting Down

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the Library tonight was an empty bookcase.   And then another and another.  It appears that they have emptied all of the displays of featured books.  Like the Oprahs and the Wallflowers and my personal favorite, the one that had the books other cities had chosen for their book clubs.

I’ve said that I don’t normally check out books from the Library for fun.  Research and travel, yes.  But not anything recreational.  But since we are now in the “extended checkout” window, I am thinking of getting something.  As of this week, any books that we check out have a two-month loan period.

And, you know, it is one less book that someone has to move. 

There are some pictures up on the website showing the progress.  My favorite is of the “eyebrow windows”.  When the project ran into budget problems, these windows were part of the “do we really need this?” discussion.  My answer was no, but whatever:

I am in favor of natural light as long as it is not taking up usable space.  As in space where bookshelves could go.
I love bookshelves.
The building I am sitting in will be torn down ASAP to build the new parking garage – a thought that really ought to make me sad.  It does not make me sad.  Right now, I think I would rather like to drive the bulldozer.
Or at least watch on the webcam.

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