That Time of Year

Open Enrollment.  Three trips in three weeks.  Peppermint hot chocolate.  Spending too much money.   And taking off every Friday (that I am not on the road) so that I don’t “lose” my vacation time.

I also start power-reading because I may or may not officially be behind schedule in my 50 Book Challenge.  Which I should be doing now, inasmuch as I am at the library.  But I find it weird to read on a Kindle when I am physically in the Used Book Store.

The Fiction shelves are already pretty packed.  In fact, we are pulling out duplicates to make more room on the shelves.  I am thinking we should pull all of the mysteries out, move them to where the cookbooks are and hijack the space that is not being used effectively by foreign language titles.  I realize that you don’t care, but I needed to write that down so I don’t forget to make the recommendation.

Who would’ve thought we could fill this up so fast?

While I am talking about the Used Book Store, the dates for the Holiday Sale are set.  December 4 – December 18, most of our books will be half off the regular price.  Books listed on will be 20% off.  There are several that I am looking to buy myself!

In other Glenview news, Steven Soderbergh is filming a movie in the Glen.   Some high school buds on Facebook find this cool.  I find it a nuisance.  Fortunately, the trailers stayed put and I was able to go about my happy day.

I took out my winter coat.  But the Dairy Bar is still open.  What’s up with that?

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