Book Club Bandwagon

Have you noticed there are bookclubs everywhere?  And bookclub websites everywhere.  I may have mentioned that my library offers a “book club in a bag” that includes ten copies of a book and a lending period of six weeks.  It is rather popular.

My alma mater, American University, is launching a book club featuring the work of alumni.  Very sporting of them, I think.  I might even be interested in reading the books, although it is unlikely that I’d be able to attend any of the campus gatherings.  In fact, I generaly have trouble with that part. The showing up.  I read most of the titles the Chicago Public Library picks for One Book One Chicago, but I’ve never bothered to attend a discussion.  I keep looking at the myriad of book clubs that my own library runs, but I haven’t joined one yet.  I participate in one small book club with a group of friends.

AU’s first pick is from Carolyn Parkhurst.  I read an earlier title from her and couldn’t stand it, I am sorry to say.  Perhaps with different subject matter…

This summer, I have two goals:  Anne’s Official Summer Epic – The Brothers Karamazov, and the goal  foolishly laid out for The Weekend Assignment – reading each of the “souvenir” books I have picked up while travelling.  I think I have two down and four to go, assuming that I buy nothing in Toronto. 

Now if I could only get off the Internet.

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