Used Book Sales

I had just realized that I haven’t bought any books – new or used – since Labor Day Weekend.  It helped that my own  Library Used Book Store has been out of commission for the last month.  (Not that I’ve gotten much reading done.)  I had about convinced myself that I ought to impose a moratorium on book purchases.  Say, until after Christmas.  Or until my TBR pile was down to..only what will actually fit in that seven-shelf bookcase.  I could start using that fancy new library that I have been bragging about, and only buy books that I really, really plan to keep forever and ever.

I just received an e-mail from the friendly people at listing all of the used book sales in my area this weekend.  Check it out:

Barrington, IL 10/16 – 17
Cary, IL 10/16 – 17
Elgin, IL 10/12 – 13
Glencoe, IL 10/16 – 18
Indian Head Park, IL 10/16
Mount Prospect, IL 10/16 – 17
Palatine, IL 10/15 – 17 *** Exceptional
Western Springs, IL 10/16 – 17
Wheeling, IL 10/16 – 17
Four of those libraries – four – are on the way to my brother’s house.  And I am pretty sure the one in Arlington Heights is next weekend.

They are killing  me.

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