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That Was Fast

I mentioned that the leaves in my favorite tree turned to yellow overnight.  They also dropped overnight.  I am starting to think that those years when I thought that life was passing me by because I didn’t notice the changing of the seasons….were a… Continue Reading “That Was Fast”

Dr. Zarkov! There’s no sun!

I hate driving to work in the dark.  The weather has been lame, so the sun isn’t breaking through, but it’s mostly the days getting shorter and whoever had the bright idea of messing with Daylight Savings….was just wrong. And speaking of the change… Continue Reading “Dr. Zarkov! There’s no sun!”

On the First Night of My Weekend of Doing Nothing

Obviously, I took some time and finally found a blog template that I can live with.  For awhile.  But it killed all of my widgets and I can’t find the Quote of the Day one I was using.  So I put in the Darth… Continue Reading “On the First Night of My Weekend of Doing Nothing”

What You Get for Blogging

I have several e-mail accounts.  One at work.  One personal.  One “personal business”, that I use for online ordering and mail-listy stuff.  I just received an e-mail in my personal account from Meatheads, the new burger place in Northbrook.  It looked like this, and… Continue Reading “What You Get for Blogging”

Noodles and Mushrooms

The new marketing campaign at Noodles and Company seems to be a version of “have it your way”.  The signage has all sorts of ways that you can go high-maintenance on your meals.  Including on the order number signs. I am no stranger to… Continue Reading “Noodles and Mushrooms”

Dear Google

I realize that I don’t pay you a dime for the use of your awesome blogging service.  Although I have offered.  And dutifully set up some Ad Sense stuff. But will you please, please set up some more templates?  I get tired of looking at… Continue Reading “Dear Google”

Last Summer Day

My awesome employer offers an optional summer hours schedule.  We work long hours for nine days and get the tenth day off.  For years, my Summer Fridays were for going to movies and reading books and generally doing nothing.  This year..not so much.  What… Continue Reading “Last Summer Day”

Having a Craptacular Week

I went to the doctor for my annual exam on Monday morning. Felt great until I got to work and then my throat was icky and …bleh. I have spent two days on the super-boost allergy meds and gargling anti-bacterial mouthwash. Side Note: People,… Continue Reading “Having a Craptacular Week”

I Know My Car

For the past few weeks, I have thought I noticed a weird noise in my car. Actually, it wasn’t a noise, it was more like a vibration under the foot pedals. I was half sure I was imagining things until I took my nephew… Continue Reading “I Know My Car”

I Had the House to Myself

For three and a half days. Want to know what I did? Played Wii TennisRead a bookDid my homework So. Exactly what I would have done if I hadn’t had the house to myself. Except that I was also responsible for giving the dog… Continue Reading “I Had the House to Myself”