Noodles and Mushrooms

The new marketing campaign at Noodles and Company seems to be a version of “have it your way”.  The signage has all sorts of ways that you can go high-maintenance on your meals.  Including on the order number signs.
I am no stranger to the high-maintenance ordering.  In fact, it would be a rare day for me to order from a restaurant straight off the menu.  I am reminded of the day that, standing in line at Noodles, I first learned how far one could go.  A lady said:
“I’d like the mushroom stroganoff with no mushrooms.”
Wait – you can do that?  I was so shocked that I interuppted her to clarify.  I was informed that the pasta sauce still had mushrooms in it, but I could order it with no additional mushrooms on the top.  I was quite pleased.  If rather embarrassed that I actually interrupted someone trying to order her lunch.  The soup Nazi would have banished me for a year and I would have deserved it. 
I am now reminded of this every time I go to Noodles because I seem to get the same slogan on my little sign every time I go in:

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