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Public Transportation

Last night, while I was packing, I remembered to grab my Metro pass and toss it in my bag.  Metro would be the DC subway system.  I had $12.00 on it from several months ago and kept forgetting to pack it again. It landed… Continue Reading “Public Transportation”

Don’t Feel Like Packing

So I am procrastinating.  While I debate whether to take the laptop with me. I forgot the other lame thing I did this weekend: I went through all the back pages of my going-green-page-a-day calendar.  The Book a Day one was soooo much better. … Continue Reading “Don’t Feel Like Packing”

Why the Internet Sucks

Because old videos never die. And do you know why Facebook sucks? Because one (or ten) of your friends will always point you to those videos. Someone put a bunch of the stuff produced by my high school TV department on Vimeo. I am… Continue Reading “Why the Internet Sucks”

If I Had a Twitter Account

These are the things I would have said this weekend: I don’t watch Glee and I didn’t even watch the Emmys, but OMG did Jane Lynch look great. I think the Bears are broken.  Alex is the Olin Kreutz of kiddie flag football.  And… Continue Reading “If I Had a Twitter Account”

20% Done and Starting to Babble

Last week, my friend Jodi posted on Facebook, “Tuesday: Better than Monday at least.”  And someone responded with, “And 20% closer to Saturday.” I didn’t even have a bad day, but Summer Hours have this side effect:  When you don’t have Friday off, the… Continue Reading “20% Done and Starting to Babble”

Mid Week in Review

My niece, Ashlyn, was christened on Saturday.  Check out Ainslie.  Playing in the baptimsal font.  The priest said she could.  She got soaking wet  and got my brother soaking wet, as he had to carry her out of the church.  Heh. During lunch afterward,… Continue Reading “Mid Week in Review”

Lunch at Whole Foods

Whole Foods moved into the neighborhood near my office, so I walked over for lunch today. They are clearly catering to the business lunch crowd. I am used to the salad bar, the hot bar, the soup bar, the sushi bar and the gelato… Continue Reading “Lunch at Whole Foods”

It’s Official: My Car is Old

To be specific, she is seven years and two months old.   She is starting to hassle me.  A few weeks ago, I had her brake roters replaced.  It was something of a triumph because I thought I felt something funny while braking, I was pretty… Continue Reading “It’s Official: My Car is Old”

The Cupcake Craze

I dig a good cupcake as much as the next girl, but I was rather stunned last week in DC when I heard my colleague, Marsha saying that “the cupcake guy promised he’d make us his first stop after the scheduled deliveries”. “You know… Continue Reading “The Cupcake Craze”

Putting in Some Time

After dinner with my brother’s family Friday night, I headed over to the Library’s Used Book Store.  Glad I did, since I had more sales in 90 minutes than on my average Thursday night shift.  I happened to see in the notes that the… Continue Reading “Putting in Some Time”