I Know My Car

For the past few weeks, I have thought I noticed a weird noise in my car. Actually, it wasn’t a noise, it was more like a vibration under the foot pedals. I was half sure I was imagining things until I took my nephew out and he said (with all of a four year old boy’s authority) that my car sounded like a boat.

So then I was paranoid. But I was about due for an oil change, and my mother was leaving town for the weekend and I left for Seattle this morning so we took my car to the mechanic last Friday and I told him the story. He changed the oil, said he couldn’t see anything going on under the pedals, but he was going to have someone go drive it to see if they could systematically prove that I am insane.

Not so much.

Something about a ball bearing and my tire could have fallen off and $600. Is $600 a good price for validation?

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