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This is Why I Watch PBS Last night, on PBS, they were running a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt. Even the lamest history of the Roosevelts will include some mention of how in 1939 the Daughters of the American Revolution refused to let the great Marian Anderson sing in their… Continue Reading “This is Why I Watch PBS”

Survey Says

I participate with a survey company called Zoom Panel. It does online marketing research on behalf of corporate clients. They e-mail you a survey and if you complete it, they give you so many “points” that can be traded in for rewards. I don’t… Continue Reading “Survey Says”

Public Service Announcement – HHS Web Site

I was reading an article in one of my trade magazines that made a link between issues with our physical health and issues with our financial health (Ever use your credit card at McDonald’s?). The main idea is that these problems – like gaining… Continue Reading “Public Service Announcement – HHS Web Site”

The Digital Divide

We talked a lot about the “digital divide” in my e-commerce class last semester. I found this chart in an article on by Steven Musil who talks about the haves and have nots of technology. If you can’t read the little numbers, it… Continue Reading “The Digital Divide”

Public Service Announcement

Two months ago I was a victim of credit card fraud on the Internet. Chase Bank was fabulous in spotting it and shutting the card down before anything bad happened. They recommended that I check my credit report. It hadn’t been much more than… Continue Reading “Public Service Announcement”

In Chicago

I was at the annual meeting for an affiliate company – it was celebrating its 60th anniversary. We all stayed downtown at the Sheraton and did the cruise ship thing in the afternoon. The boat was docking at the hotel, but dropping us off… Continue Reading “In Chicago”

Paper vs. Plastic vs. Trying to Sell Me Shopping Bags

MSN had a thing on Paper vs Plastic the other day. It was some interactive stuff and some survey stuff and some consumer response after San Francisco banned grocery stores from distributing disposable plastic bags. Most people said, “I reuse those bags” whether they… Continue Reading “Paper vs. Plastic vs. Trying to Sell Me Shopping Bags”