Last Summer Day

My awesome employer offers an optional summer hours schedule.  We work long hours for nine days and get the tenth day off.  For years, my Summer Fridays were for going to movies and reading books and generally doing nothing.  This year..not so much.  What I did today:

  1. Got up at 6:30 to give Kiwi her medicine and bring her up to my bedroom before the contractor got to the house.
  2. Got dressed and left shortly after the contractor arrived at 7am.  Had breakfast at the Corner Bakery.  I don’t recommend the oatmeal.
  3. Walked a lap around Lake Glenview.  The mind wandered to, “You know what would be really cool?  An NCIS/X-Files crossover episode.”  Made a mental note to check into the fan fiction.  Because I really have time for that.
  4. Got my allergy shot.  Want to know a secret?  I read trashy magazines at the doctor’s office.  I carry a tote bag around with me all day so that I am never without a book, but I insist on reading that garbage in the doctor’s office.  I am now all caught up on Ted Kennedy’s funeral.
  5. Hit the Carson’s Goodwill Sale.  I really need new clothes.  The Christmas trees are up already.
  6. Just made it to my 11am appointment for a mammogram.  I was behind an old lady that told everyone and their dog that there were no paper towels in the ladies room.  And each person responded by telling her that the hospital doesn’t use paper towels in the ladies room anymore.  Only air dryers.  Did she serioisly think she was going to get a different answer after the third time?
  7. Had lunch at Noodles.
  8. Went to work. Because I forgot to do something and I am going to be in Washington next week.
  9. Went to Costco.  I thought I could get some ice cream on the way out, but the line was snaked back for about ever.
  10. Got home to a cranky cat who has been locked up with the cranky bird.  Turned on the Doors special on VH-1.  And now I have to do some homework.

I have squandered a summer full of Fridays.

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