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A Quiet Night at the Library

And I guess I feel the need to start babbling.  First, the conspiracy against my ever trying to eat better and get some damn exercise: I have long noted that there are a minimal number of places one can walk to for lunch from… Continue Reading “A Quiet Night at the Library”

Random Sunday Night Blathering

Joker the Bunny has gone home and I am gearing up for a couple of business trips.  The horrid part about that is Alex and Ainslie are expecting their baby sister while I am gone. I took them to lunch yesterday at Noodles.  I… Continue Reading “Random Sunday Night Blathering”

Ridiculous Creature of Habit

The “Get a Grip on the Starbucks Factor” experiment lasted five or six weeks.  It failed for two reasons: I had to remember both to buy more coffee and to bring it to work; and I was right in thinking that the protein of the… Continue Reading “Ridiculous Creature of Habit”

Judge’s Ruling

I was telling you about my new box calendar – “365 Little Ways to Save Our Planet”. On the weekend, there was a combined page. How are they going to do 365 Little Ways if every weekend is doubled up? There are two tips… Continue Reading “Judge’s Ruling”

Facebook Etiquette

I had a weird Facebook day.  I’ve only been active on it for a few months.  I don’t post every day, but I look at it most days.  Mostly, I was expecting a bunch of groaning about the first official day back at work. … Continue Reading “Facebook Etiquette”

Trying Something New

You know how people talk about a “Starbucks Factor”? The silly little thing you keep doing with your money that adds up to real money over the long term. The first one I identified for myself was magazines. I would buy one every single time… Continue Reading “Trying Something New”

The Year in Review: 2009

2009 shall go down in history as the first time that I left the party before midnight because I was tired and had to drive myself home.  Seriously, that could sum up the year for me. At work, it will go down in history… Continue Reading “The Year in Review: 2009”

The End of the Vacation

I’ve been off for awhile between the road trip and the holiday.  My laundry is done.  The game starts in 20 minutes.  I obviously got through some reading, although that was at the expense of my DVR episodes of Chuck.  I am not sure I… Continue Reading “The End of the Vacation”

The First Snowfall

Yes, everyone forgot how to drive.  And that guy that does the donuts in the abandoned parking lot behind my office?  Got started early.  Except it looks more like driving in circles than in performing the donut maneuver:

Something about a Parrot and a Stuffed Bunny

I have nothing interesting to say right now except: Real rate = rr = [(1+rNOM)/(1+Inflation)] – 1.0 So you will have to settle for a birdie video that someone posted on the Parrot Lovers page on LJ: I will not be teaching Kiwi the… Continue Reading “Something about a Parrot and a Stuffed Bunny”