On the First Night of My Weekend of Doing Nothing

Obviously, I took some time and finally found a blog template that I can live with.  For awhile.  But it killed all of my widgets and I can’t find the Quote of the Day one I was using.  So I put in the Darth Vader for the time being because that will at least amuse my mother.  I will also have to re-create my links list.

I also tried playing a new cheapie computer game from Half Price Books.  It is called Cooking Academy and it is absolutely terrible.
And I did the grocery shopping.  How lame has school made me, that I did the grocery shopping on a Friday night so that I really wouldn’t have to do anything all weekend? 
Also, I can hear something going down over the loud speakers at the high school.  It is too cold, or I would open the window, but I know it isn’t homecoming weekend.  Because I looked it up on the Internet.  You know they actually have YouTube videos of those events?  What won’t people put on that thing?
There are several suburban library book sales going on this weekend and I dare not go to any of them.  I’ve been buying books for six weeks that I haven’t read since I’ve been in class.  I haven’t caught up on my Tivo from last Spring.  And I must not forget the Vanity Fair magazines.  I’m pretty sure those go back to the inauguration.  And last but absolutely not least, I am only halfway through Professor Blight’s course on the Civil War on Academic Earth.  I am in love with this man.  Kay can have Professor Foote and his Southern drawl.  Blight is from Michigan.  And besides being a big nerd, he sometimes sounds like Indiana Jones in front of his classroom.
And he still uses an overhead projector.

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