What You Get for Blogging

I have several e-mail accounts.  One at work.  One personal.  One “personal business”, that I use for online ordering and mail-listy stuff.  I just received an e-mail in my personal account from Meatheads, the new burger place in Northbrook.  It looked like this, and included a coupon:

First, I think, “Oh, cool”.  Then I think, “I don’t remember giving them my e-mail address”.  Then I think, “Wait, even if I did give them my e-mail address, I wouldn’t have given them this e-mail address.”
Then I figured it out:
I blogged about them.  And my blog is attached to my personal e-mail account. 
Huh.  I don’t know whether this makes me happy or not.
It seems I didn’t figure it out.  My mother sent me an e-mail saying that she is on their mailing list and she “redirected” the above to my personal e-mail account.

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