Having a Craptacular Week

I went to the doctor for my annual exam on Monday morning. Felt great until I got to work and then my throat was icky and …bleh. I have spent two days on the super-boost allergy meds and gargling anti-bacterial mouthwash.

Side Note:

People, I am serious about the anti-bacterial mouthwash. I remember once in college I commented that I had just run out and had to go to the drugstore and get some more right that second and my boyfriend laughed his head off. Keep laughing, Buddy. Knock on something, but I haven’t taken an actual sick day since I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis (due to allergies) in 2005. Here are my secrets:

  1. Wash your hands. A lot.
  2. Get enough sleep.
  3. Anti-bacterial mouthwash.

Anyway. While I was crazy busy at work, the techies informed me that an army of Trojan soldiers were sitting around somewhere in my system drinking coffee and they had to close the gates and hunt them down with BB guns and re-build the Great Wall of China or something so I couldn’t log on for half a day.

My internet was down at home for two days. I was two days behind on my homework, but I am close to caught up.

And they are still working on my mother’s bathroom, and Kiwi had been gone for 2.5 weeks so when I got to the rescue tonight I couldn’t just leave her there so I borrowed the travel cage again and she will just have to be locked in my room all day eating banana chips and watching soap operas.

I’m going to bed now.

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