20% Done and Starting to Babble

Last week, my friend Jodi posted on Facebook, “Tuesday: Better than Monday at least.”  And someone responded with, “And 20% closer to Saturday.”

I didn’t even have a bad day, but Summer Hours have this side effect:  When you don’t have Friday off, the week drags on forever.

I took Spooky to the vet for a semi-annual check iin.  His labs are all in the normal range, though his potassium is low.  But it seems that without dropping $1500 on a full nephrological panel, anything is normal until the kidneys are really shutting down.  So where we began with trying to get him to eat some canned food (he pretends to eat beef flavored Gravy Lovers Fancy Feast), we have added on trying a potassium supplement.  It is in paste form, involves maple sugar and many cats eat it straight up. 


When I drop his treats into a pile of said paste, he may or may not eat it.  However, I am not relying Spooky’s treat whims for a twice-a-day supplement.  So each night, I take the plastic syringe and try to shoot it into his mouth.

Ha.  Ha.

My entire bedroom smells like pancakes, and Spooky is not speaking to me.  Of course, he wouldn’t be speaking to me anyway, as pre-season started on Saturday.

The Bears played Saturday night.  It is notable because on Friday, Alex told me that his daddy was grounded from T.V. shows for three days.  Because he was mean.  Dude – if I told my father that he was grounded from bloody anything, my butt would have been kicked.  But they humored him.  OK, then so here’s me:

“Alex, that’s pretty harsh.  You know, the Bears game is tomorrow night.  Is Daddy really grounded from the Bears game?”

He said.  “Maybe..grounded for two days.  Then done tomorrow night.”

Quite the merciful child. 

From lugging the kids around or whatever, my back was killing me.  I went for a massage yesterday.  You may know that a deep tissue massage is not relaxing.  It can be painful when someone is grinding out every knotted muscle in your back.  And when it is over, you feel rather bruised for a couple of days, because your skin takes some abuse in order to help the muscle tissue.  And you keep going back because at least the knots are gone.

People.  My back is actually bruised.

I cannot manage to get any reading done (which happens when you are reading one Russian epic and one Canadian history), but I am three episodes into the Highlander series.  Not really impressed yet, but I have already had a couple of awesome 1990’s “wait! I know that guy!” moments.  Too bad Bull was the bad guy.
Finally, after the candy bar fix, I can recommend a rather healthy treat.
Del Monte Fruit Chillers now come in a tube.  Like a Mr. Freeze pop, but with actual fruit.  Unfortunately, like the old Mr. Freeze pop, you could eat five of them at a time.  I managed to stop at two.  And keep them away from the children.  I wonder how long these would last in the freezer at work.  Not that I am going to try it.

This really is going to be a long week.

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