It’s Official: My Car is Old

To be specific, she is seven years and two months old.   She is starting to hassle me.  A few weeks ago, I had her brake roters replaced.  It was something of a triumph because I thought I felt something funny while braking, I was pretty sure I knew what it was and I picked the right time to stop fooling around and take her in.  It cost a few hundred dollars, and seemed like a perfectly appropriate expense for a car her age. 

Last week, my Service Engine light went on.  I had no idea what the problem was.  I saw nothing, heard nothing, felt nothing.  I rushed her to the garage.  The next morning, they plugged her in and checked her little microchip.  She said that she needed a new gas cap.  Seriously.

This past week, the ignition has been locking up.  I sat sweltering in the car for several minutes with a colleague that I was taking to the airport trying to get it to work.  Something similar happened a year or so ago, and the solution was to start using the spare key.

I really should have made a new spare key.

It’s ok, though.  Apparently the dealer can make me a new one from scratch.  Or six.  I just have to take in my registration and prove my identity.

Here’s what’s funny.  You’d think with a seven year old car acting up, I would start thinking about changing the time table – getting a new car sooner rather than later.  But it turns out, I am more attached to this car than I was when she was brand new.  When I sniffled all the way home because I had left my Blazer behind. 

I love my old car.

One Comment on “It’s Official: My Car is Old

  1. My car is 8 years old and I'm still very happy with it. I did have to get the brakes replaced and two new tires a while back, and I feel like I could go a lot farther with it.

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