Lunch at Whole Foods

Whole Foods moved into the neighborhood near my office, so I walked over for lunch today. They are clearly catering to the business lunch crowd. I am used to the salad bar, the hot bar, the soup bar, the sushi bar and the gelato counter. This one also had a pasta counter and a “diner” counter with burgers and sandwiches and milkshakes.

I picked up a slice of pizza for $3.00. It was pretty decent for by-the-slice, with a good crust. Here’s the problem: you can’t get anything normal at Whole Foods. Like a freakin’ Diet Coke.

Pizza requires a carbonated beverage. Lunchtime requires caffeine. And it must be of the Diet variety. This is what they had:

“All natural”.

I will not be making this mistake again.

One Comment on “Lunch at Whole Foods

  1. I had a similar experience last night looking for a beverage at Whole Foods. It's kind of weird how they don't sell regular soda or even diet soda, but then sell vitamin water drinks which are made by soda companies and are probably not too different.

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