If I Had a Twitter Account

These are the things I would have said this weekend:

  1. I don’t watch Glee and I didn’t even watch the Emmys, but OMG did Jane Lynch look great.
  2. I think the Bears are broken. 
  3. Alex is the Olin Kreutz of kiddie flag football.  And he can return kicks, too.
  4. Sonic has a Happy Hour between 2 and 4pm.  Drinks and slushies are half price.  Cherry limeade, baby!
  5. Just deleted all my cookies and damn, my computer looks different.
  6. I forgot to put The Brothers Karamazov in my bag and was forced to buy a new book to read.
  7. I also have two book club reads to go through and I haven’t even cracked my new school book yet.
  8. The Farmers Market makes you do crazy things.  Like buy eggplant.
  9. Free word game for the Kindle.  Awesome.  Except that it doesn’t work on my version.  Do they really think I am going to fork over $189 for that?  Death first!  (And by Death, I mean iPad.)
  10. How many characters was that?

And this is why I don’t have a Twitter account.

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