For the 1,000th Post on This Stupid Blog

I have absolutely nothing to say.  I know some people that do an “Ask me any question and I will answer it” when they get to such milestones.  But my mother reads this thing.

Another January, another annual meeting.

I felt very busy while I was on vacation, and now that I am back on the road I am thinking of all these things that I didn’t get done:

  1. Allergy shot
  2. Take car for oil change
  3. Pack up CDs for storage (I am nearly all-digital!)
  4. Eyebrow wax (Sorry.  Different mirrors in different lighting make these things more important.)
  5. Leave instructions for the Care & Feeding of my pets
  6. Take magazines to Library
You get the idea.
Sometimes, stuff that I don’t do while on Christmas vacation doesn’t get done until Spring.  Or later.

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