Week 18?

We are allowed back in the office..if we want. There are plenty of rules about masks, and checking in, and shared spaces, but absolutely none about coming and going. There were..four or five of us in this morning. Fewer in the afternoon.

Time has little meaning.

At lunchtime, I went to the mall for a pretzel. You really can’t tell what is going to be open and what is going to have a line outside (because only a few people can be in the store at a time). I was happy to say I recognized the people at Auntie Anne’s. I ate my pretzel under a shady tree in our parking lot. I did not see any other people come or go from our building.

I miss my people. I miss airplanes. I miss theatre. I miss the El. I miss Clark Street. I miss Bourbon Street. I miss bars and restaurants and hotels and libraries and book stores. I miss waking up early in a different city and finding the coffee shops and watching it all wake up.

I have a job.  I am not sick.  My people are not sick.  I have a job.  I am not sick.  My people are not sick.  I have a job.  I am not sick.  My people are not sick.  

I deleted the block I had on my calendar for a vacation. There isn’t anyplace I can think to go that feels safe. And at least if I am working, I know what day it is.

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