Sometimes Facebook is the Answer

I became a Facebook convert because it put me back in touch with several people and it keeps me relatively current on the news.  Like Megan had her baby yesterday – a girl that she named Lillian.  I know because Erica posted it.

But you know what else it does?  It keeps the good contact information.   For example:

I have gone to Washington DC every month or so this entire year.  When I am in town, I make every effort to meet my DC friend, Holly, for dinner.  So I would e-mail her.  I didn’t want to e-mail her at work for a personal thing, so I used an old personal address.  It would take days.  Days.  For her to confirm.  I message her on Facebook?  Under 24 hours.

I had used Facebook to keep in touch with my friend Jodi in Milwaukee.  But when she was in town last month and I didn’t have her cell phone number?  She had kindly listed it on Facebook. 

I was making plans with my local friend, also named Holly.  Her e-mail address isn’t in my phone.  The solution?  Facbook message.  I love Facebook message.  Because everyone has Facebook messages sent to whatever e-mail address they check most often.  Of course, she showed me up by sending a text message to my cell phone.  Note:  Holly also used Facebook Events to plan the last Ladies Night Out.  I found it awesome, except a couple of us aren’t on Facebook, so she had to send some e-mails.

Bottom Line:  There are lots of functions and different ways to keep in touch.  Use them.

One Comment on “Sometimes Facebook is the Answer

  1. I hope to be able to join one of your dinners with my sister. We keep saying we are heading down to DC but life happens. See you in DC!

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