The Blog of Note today on iGoogle was Ah the Possibilities!, written by Sarah.  She is a list maker and when a friend accused her of being “bossy” with her To Do List, she asked for opinions.

Her commenters were almost all list-makers.  I feel that I must speak for the minority:

OK, I do them sometimes.  When I feel like I have too much going on at the same time and I don’t want to miss anything.  When I want to feel like a responsible grown up.

But they are.  so.  boring.

I tried for awhile to make lists to go grocery shopping.  I seem to recall it was advice in a “How to Save More Money” column.  No kidding, I would leave the lists in the car.  I could remember to bring my reusable shopping bags, but the grocery list?  Forget it.  Then I tried putting the list in my bag before leaving the house.  I would walk around the grocery store with a list in my bag and not take it out even once.

When I returned to the office from being on the road, I made a To Do list.  That was two weeks ago and it isn’t finished yet.  Perhaps I am rebelling against The List.  Once a task is on The List, it becomes a chore.

Through the whole of my childhood, I don’t remember my mother ever giving me a To Do list.  (Maybe I have blocked it out.)  But at the same time, she is the type that will plan ahead for the route she will take to drive to the gas station.

I have done several personality profile things that call it by different names: Low Systematic, Unstructured, Spontaneous, Perceiving (as opposed to Judging), Cluster Thinking.   It is preference.  I still get to work every day.  I meet deadlines.  I am not late for appointments.  I just don’t like lists.

So.  Do I think list makers are bossy?  No.  Not unless they are trying to get me to use one.

2 Comments on “Lists

  1. I HAD to come and read your post after your great comment. And you make a very fair point. I grew up in a very disorganised household during my early childhood so I suspect my list making stems from that. Once my mum got better I think things got easier for us all. I don't see my lists as chores which I think might be where we differ as well. I am definitely going to follow your blog. So nice to meet you.

  2. Hi Anne,I came over from Sarah's blog as well. List making is an interesting topic. Like you, I often have trouble remembering to bring my grocery list to the store with me. I always joke that I should teach my dog to answer the phone and read the list to me. But even when I forget the list it helps me remember what I need if I have written it down. I enjoyed your blog!Peace,Mary

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