The Rest of the Aurora Teagarden Series, by Charlaine Harris

Books 58 – 63

I said after A Bone to Pick that I really hoped the series would get better, and it did.  The idea that there were so many, many murders in small town Georgia is laughably improbable, but Harris makes a running joke of it to demonstrate that she is in on it.   It was a shame when the sheriff was killed, as he was the primary  voice of “You, again?” whenever Aurora happened to discover a dead body.

In the third book, we have the realtors getting killed in the houses they are showing.  That was kinda cool.  In the fourth, Aurora and her new husband move into a large house on the outskirts of town that is famous because its occupants disappeared one day about ten years before.  By the end, Aurora was renewing a relationship with the mystery writer from the first novel and her little brother – age 6 in the first novel – was a teenager that had run away from home.  The latter made me wonder if Harris meant to stop there, or if these characters are still brewing in her brain.

Overall, quick, fun reads.

Besides the rest of the vampire novels, there is one more Harris series I haven’t read yet.  Next year, I imagine.

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