The Great Chocolate Debacle of 2015

It started with an article in Vanity Fair magazine entitled The Bitter, Not-Sweet Cadbury-Chocolate War.  From the May, 2015 issue which I read…probably mid-July.  The summary reads, “British-expat enclaves across America are furious over a recent move to halt the import of U.K.-manufactured Cadbury chocolate, the nostalgic English childhood treat. The villain? Hershey, which licenses the Cadbury name for chocolate made in the U.S.”

In the article, a British-expat running a small tearoom/British grocery in New York is interviewed.  She says, in short, that American chocolate is crap and Hershey’s in particular is like biting into a bar of wax.

A few weeks later, I was craving chocolate at work, so I picked up one of those little Special Dark bars from a lady who keeps a permanent stash at her desk.

It was like biting into a bar of wax.

A week or so later, I was having lunch with a couple of colleagues in a strip mall that also contained a Fannie May candy store.  Lisa hadn’t had…something in awhile, so we went in and she got me an almond cluster.

It tasted waxy.

I walked over to Lisa’s desk, wondering if I was just so terribly vulnerable to the power of suggestion.  Lisa said that her chocolate also tasted wrong and are they going cheap since they re-organized a few years ago?  And it all went downhill from there.  She said that even the baking chocolate she has used for years (famous brownies) tastes wrong.  We speculated about the coming global shortage of cocoa beans.

We have vowed to find the solution.

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