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Back in Town – Atlanta 2012

I am back from a few days at a conference in Atlanta.  That city I vowed never to visit again.  I did not take a single picture, but I finished a book and have plenty to say about running a good meeting. But now… Continue Reading “Back in Town – Atlanta 2012”

Walking the Bible, by Bruce Feiler

Book 20 Bruce Feiler has written several books about the Bible from a modern perspective and this is the first I have read.  He thought it would be cool to visit the geographical places (that could be identified) in stories from the Old Testament.… Continue Reading “Walking the Bible, by Bruce Feiler”

So How is Gibbs Getting Along with the New Addition?

Well.  She hasn’t killed him yet:

Scene in the Parking Lot

I was walking out of a store, reading my receipt. The woman in front of me held the door. I said, “Thanks.” “YOU’RE WELCOME,” she said, rather loudly. Then, walking away from me, “Geez, don’t young people say ‘Thank you’ anymore?” Loud enough for… Continue Reading “Scene in the Parking Lot”

Puppy Bowl VIII

I’ve been talking about Puppy Bowl since..the Bears were eliminated from the playoffs.  But I was Tweeting about it yesterday and thought I should look it up again.  This is the show that Animal Planet runs as alternative programming to the Super Bowl.  It… Continue Reading “Puppy Bowl VIII”

Best Christmas Video Ever

Barkey McBarkenstein

We are serious about training this dog well, so we had a trainer come to our house.  More on that later.  But I’ll give you this bit – the trainer is convinced Gibbs has some terrier.  Now, this shouldn’t bother me, because he is… Continue Reading “Barkey McBarkenstein”


An Amber Alert went out this morning on Max Hernandez. a 7 year old boy in Arizona.  Max is autistic and was taken away from his home by his father, Conrad.  Max’s mother, Maile, is a friend from high school.  She says that Conrad… Continue Reading “Max”

Poor Pathetic Dog

Poor Shadow. My mother had a business dinner tonight. 9:43 p.m. and she isn’t home. He won’t come into my room, because he hates the wood laminate. So he is sitting at the top of the stairs. Waiting.


I brought home Eloise, an African Grey parrot from the Refuge to foster for a couple of weeks. She has been ill with a fungal infection and requires medication twice a day. She started picking at her feathers again in the last week so… Continue Reading “Eloise”