Product Review – Blueland Cleaning Kits

It started with an ad on Facebook.  Or maybe Instagram – I’m certain that both have me tagged as being particularly bougie.   A company called Blueland is trying to reduce waste and the shipping of water-based products by developing cleaning products of the “just add water” and “reuse the bottles” variety.

I went to the website.  Non-toxic, which is important for my house with dogs and birds.  There was a whole explanation on the “anti-bacterial” thing which I understood was true for hand soaps but is apparently also true for household cleaners.  The short version is that “antibacterial” is trying to kill the bacteria.  The normal stuff is trying to remove it.  Removing it is more efficient.

The starter kit contains a bottle for hand soap, one for bathroom cleaner, one for glass cleaner, one for multi-surface cleaner, and a tablet for each.  The kit cost $39 and shipping is free over $35.  I went for it.

The kit shipped quickly and arrived like this:


The packaging is all cardboard and the little brown pouches contain the tablets.  I started with the hand soap.



Fill with warm water and drop in the appropriate tablet.  It seemed like it took an awfully long time to dissolve, but I am not particularly patient.  So I started on the multi-surface cleaner.


Yeah, still took awhile.  I tried the hand soap.  When I use the foaming hand soap from Bath and Body works, I use two pumps.  With this, I use four.  But the effect was the same.  The standard scent was “Iris Agave” which is  But the other two scents available, lemon and eucalyptus lavender, are perfectly pleasant.  They need more scents.  (Edit:  I just saw they have added a few more.  I should be specific.  They need Vanilla.)

I don’t know any thing about household cleaners, but I asked my residents experts (my mother and the kind lady who helps to clean the house) and my feeling was validated.  We like it.  There are no harsh fumes and it doesn’t hurt the skin or eyes.  Seems to work just fine.

We used the stuff for about a month and went to reorder.  The refill tabs are $1.56 – $2.00 depending on how many you order.  Because I am a complete sucker for the Free Shipping trick, I ordered more.  It took a bit longer to arrive, which I am blaming on COVID, but that wasn’t the trouble.  When I went to refill the Bathroom Cleaner, I found it was leaking.  The bottle was cracked, which is really not supposed to happen, even if you drop it.  So I got to try the Return policy.


I sent an email last night and received a response this morning – a Saturday.  They will replace the bottle, but asked me for a picture first.  To “share this feedback with our team to understand your issue better”.  Also, they want me to send the bottle back, at their expense, so they can “responsibly recycle it”.  That sounds like BS.  They are all into reducing shipping, but want me to send back this cracked bottle so they can recycle it better?  Mm.

Overall, I am happy with the product and expect to continue using it for as long as the bottles hold up.



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