Virtual Everything, Again

Last weekend, I facilitated a book club virtually.  There weren’t many people and we hardly talked about the damn book, but it was nice to see that group.  (Plug:  Next up is Dan Egan’s Death and Life of the Great Lakes on May 17.  Message me if you’re interested.)  The bookstore that hosts that group – the Social Justice Book Group – is obviously closed to the public right now.  They seem to be doing ok with online orders and they have taken their events online.  I am flagging some on Facebook, but there are so many online events that I am starting to lose track.

Speaking of..a radio station in New Orleans is doing a virtual Jazz Fest with some of the best sets of past years.  I was listening to Harry Connick 2007 over lunch today.

Last night, I was on a Zoom with the fundraising committee for AstonRep Theatre Company.  After coming off a really successful Fall show, we had to cancel the one scheduled for the Spring.  Tossed around a lot of ideas for getting back on track and the easy one was to participate in #GivingTuesdayNow – a campaign set up by GoFundMe Charity (which acquired Crowdrise).  So I realize that the arts aren’t the first thing we think of to help, we don’t want to lose them either so I am taking the opportunity to plug that, too.

So most of my life has gone online.  But I’ll tell you something..I have been sending out a lot of snail mail, too.  There are plenty of people out there that could use a two-minute surprise “I am thinking of you”.  And I have a lot of note cards.

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