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How to Get Alex to Agree to Anything

First, promise him Macaroni and Cheese. Then, produce a computer game. I took him to the Marriott Lincolnshire yesterday afternoon. The plan was to have dinner and stay at the hotel, then see Aladdin at the children’s theatre in the morning. It was already… Continue Reading “How to Get Alex to Agree to Anything”

Because I Had to Reinstall Picasa 3

A crappy picture of where Kiwi the Grey has been hanging out lately.

More about Reusable Bags and Half Price Books

I went to Half Price Books today, which will not make my friends at the Library very happy. Can’t help it – I love that store. But I never buy anything at HPB that I think I might be able to pick up at… Continue Reading “More about Reusable Bags and Half Price Books”

Oprah’s Puppy Mill Show

Because I am part of the movement or whatever, I received several notices about Oprah’s April 4 show on puppy mills. There was no freakin’ way I was going to watch. I am already converted. I don’t need to watch something that I know… Continue Reading “Oprah’s Puppy Mill Show”

About Those Reusable Shopping Bags

Some stores are really into it, and some are just giving it lip services. Whole Foods is doing a great job. They give you 10 cents off your total purchase for every bag they don’t have to give you. In addition, they have both… Continue Reading “About Those Reusable Shopping Bags”

Globe of Blogs

I listed this site on Globe of Blogs, but am having a hard time with how the linking actually works. So I am trying it in a post, rather than in the layout. Edit: It seems the answer is forget the fancy buttons and… Continue Reading “Globe of Blogs”

Star Wars Stories

I added the Star Wars Videos down the side because I like the feature. Then I decided that it really isn’t part of my “juggling work, school and volunteering” theme. I don’t care. But I guess I should include some Star Wars stories: My… Continue Reading “Star Wars Stories”