Virtual Everything

I may have mentioned that in my youth, I was really into cruising.  Driving around for the sake of driving around and not going home.  This weekend I learned that we can’t do that because there are no public restrooms open and eventually I will really need to pee.

I’ve told you about virtual yoga.  I have a virtual Happy Hour each Saturday with some friends.  My mother calls it my “group therapy”.  Accurate.  I did my first online job interviews this week.  I ran my first virtual Book Club today.  You can imagine how much time was spent talking about the book.

There is a guy in Chicago named Adam Selzer – author and local tour guide – who has been doing his thing on Facebook.  Just takes his camera into the cemeteries and gives his talks.  I have missed the last couple of them but will absolutely catch up.

Chicago is about to go completely insane because ESPN is starting The Last Dance tonight.  Documentary about Michael Jordan’s last season with the Bulls.  I don’t watch much television anymore and I don’t watch professional sports anymore, but this seems like it is going to be an event (at least on my Twitter feed) so I figure I’d better tune in.  I mean..I do remember exactly where I was when I saw him make that last shot.

All of the contact I have with my 15-year old nephew has been trading stupid things on Instagram.  I introduced him to @whereslightfoot  and he sent me the Bulls parody shots.  He sends me football memes and I send him cheeky panda videos.  He sent me a thing from @americanbattlefieldtrust about the 245th anniversary of Lexington and Concord and now we are both sad because that would have been a great summer vacation.  (Seriously.  He follows @americanbattlefieldtrust on Instagram.)

My mother has been on YouTube all weekend with something for cross-stitchers that is not How-to and not really a Stitch-n-Bitch but something inexplicable and in between.

In  the first couple of weeks I told myself, “If we get this right, we will still have a Chicago summer.”  As those hope are fading fast I am left with, “My people aren’t sick and I am still getting paid.”  And still, one wonders how long that can hold.

I don’t expect we are going to “get back to normal” and I am hoping this experience will be a catalyst for change.  I hear the privilege in my words and it doesn’t help to give me perspective.  And virtual perspective doesn’t cut it.


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