Crisis at the Animal Welfare League

Of all the vile things I can think of, stealing from a charity ranks way up there on the List of Things that Make Me Sick.  But last week, thieves stole the A/C units and parts from the Animal Welfare League‘s building on Wabash in Chicago.  Here is the story:

I set up a project on Crowdrise to try and help them out.  If you can make a small contribution, the site is here.  It features the awesome pic of my puppy, Gibbs.  He was not not adopted from this shelter, but we like to spread the love.  Thanks.

One Comment on “Crisis at the Animal Welfare League

  1. Wow, that is really low of thieves. I keep hearing about people stealing copper wire in this area. What is up with that kind of thing? The picture of your pup is cute.

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