Lunchtime at Noodles

I went for an early lunch at Noodle’s & Company in Arlington Heights before hitting the book sale at the Arlington Heights Library.  This particular Noodles is always filled with unsupervised children due to the movie theater around the corner.  Thus it is also the place that I learned (the hard way) to make sure the top of the salt shaker is secure before using it on my food.

So I ordered the penne rosa with parm chicken and, as is my habit, I ate the chicken first.  It was perfectly good.  Then I checked the salt shaker, salted the pasta and took a bite.  It didn’t taste right.  Too much cream?  I took a second bite.  Beh.  Then I figured it out:

Someone had replaced the salt with sugar.

I took the bowl back with the salt shaker, explained the problem and asked for a new one, which I was given.  The staff was checking every salt shaker before I left.

Dear Arlington Heights, Illinois:

Your library is awesome.  Your kids suck.

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