Black Friday Strategies

The news is filled with articles, tips and deals regarding Black Friday and I particularly enjoyed this “strategy guide” from the Chicago Tribune.  My favorite part of the piece was listed under “Buddy up”:

“People are going to use carts as battering rams, but they are going to hit gridlock at a certain point,” he said. “It’s almost like the running of the bulls.”

The runner will offload goods to the driver’s cart. Upon completion, the driver takes the cart to wait in the checkout line, while the runner proceeds to the next store without delay. Of course, there are many versions of the buddy system. More elaborate are hunting packs of six or more that coordinate shopping lists and buy at several locations simultaneously. However, more stores are moving to Black Friday ticketing systems. Those first in line are given tickets and their merchandise is set aside.

“It’s taken a little of the competitiveness out of it,” Brim said.

It seems that on one day of the year, Real Life is less civilized than the Internet.

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