Just Shaking my Head

A couple of weeks ago, a friend was telling a story about her classroom. She teaches English to …I think 6th graders. She asked them to write Thank You letters to a group that had donated a whole bunch of books to their reading library. When she saw the results, she was so upset, she made them start over and write letters that suggested she taught them something this year.

Apparently, many wrote the letters in text speak.

So I was not entirely surprised to see an article in the Trib entitled, “No LOL for College Professors”. My favorite part:

“”Despite the fact that I happen to be perfectly capable of reading any incoherent drivel you may send to my (e-mail) inbox directly from your phone keypad, ‘wut up ya I cnt make it 2 clss lol’ is insanely unprofessional,” reads the syllabus of Alejo Enriquez, an instructor at California State University-East Bay.”

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