Hating on People at Starbucks

First let me say that I walked in the door of not-my-regular-Starbucks and thought I had taken the wrong door and landed in Caribou Coffee.  This would have been a bad thing because I do not like their Hot Chocolate and I know it isn’t just me because Alex found it weird, too.  Actually, Starbucks just renovated in a rather rustic way that made it look like it is running a bit scared.

The place was packed at not-quite-4pm.  Filled with kids.  So I am disliking:

  1. People who think Starbucks is an appropriate place to bring kids for an after-school snack.

Hello, it is after school.  They are already wired and can’t sit still.  And you think Starbucks is a good place for them to go and unwind?

When one pack left, I moved to grab a chair.  A woman (with nothing but a glass of ice water, I might add) literally dragged the chair away from me and put her bag on it while she sat on the couch.  Her coat was on the other side of the couch.  So:

2.  People that hog the seats.

Even after your gentleman friend finally joins you, you do not need a chair, a couch and two end tables.  And please ask the man not to put his feet on the table.

For God’s sake.

So I went to the bar where a guy sat four chairs from the wall with his power cord draped across the other three.  I moved the cord and sat in the spot furthest from him.  He looked ticked.  I checked e-mail and Facebook, then read a chapter of my book before finishing my drink and getting up to leave.  Then I saw:

3.  People that take off their shoes in public.

And not just slid the foot half-out of the shoe.  But left the shoes on the floor while the feet are up on the chair.


My pulse was still high 10 minutes later when I checked in at the doctor’s office.

One Comment on “Hating on People at Starbucks

  1. Omg. I’ll never go back there. You know the nicest one, with the friendliest customers and staff, is the one at 4 Flags

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