Orphans of the Storm – 2013 Pooch Parade

Due to The Incident, I had to cancel a trip to St Louis with my nephew.  So I was available for yesterday’s Pooch Parade, and my doctor cleared me for it.  This was the 7th Annual 2-Mile Walk to raise funds for Orphans of the Storm, the no-kill shelter where I adopted the Late Great Dallas.  Fiona and I participated last year, and had a great time.

There was a set up in the picnic area with breakfast and lots of raffle prizes.  Fiona kept steering me in there, scavenging for dropped pieces of bagel.

Main Event


We met several dogs available for adoption.  The volunteers were calling this one Half-Pint, but I am not sure that is the real name.  Very friendly dog, happy to meet people and other pets:



This is Kelly.  We were walking with her for a while and she didn’t seem to be pulling on the leash.  And right after we took this pic, she lay down for belly rubs:



The GSD in front is not available for adoption (I took the pic because Fiona has a thing for GSDs) but Emiilio, standing behind, is available:

Emilio and GSD


Sonny has a bit of a sad story, according to the Facebook page – he was adopted from Orphans, then his person lost him.  Five months later, he was found, but his person had gotten a new dog and couldn’t take him back!  So Orphans is going to find his real forever home:


Coopers Way, a dog treat company in Glenview, had a table selling all-natural jerky treats.  50% of the proceeds went to Orphans, so we went in for a bag:

Coopers Way


By the time we finished the walk, Fiona was good and ready to leave, so we called it a day.  Orphans did not have a final count on the fundraising, but they were already very pleased with the turnout.  It was a beautiful day for it!

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