I Went to the Chicagoland Pet Expo and Didn’t Take Any Pictures

Which makes me extremely lame.  However, the show has become less interesting to me since:

  1. I am not in the market for a new pet.  For like, the next decade or so.
  2. Many of the groups I enjoyed visiting were not present.

Of the five charity walks Fiona and I did last year, only two groups – Secondhand Snoots and the Puppy Mill Project – were there.  You might recall that I actually met Fiona at the expo last year, with her rescue Fresh Start.  They were not participating, either.  The Refuge was there, along with a few other groups in my Facebook network.

I didn’t stay for the events.  I just made some rounds, entered some fundraising raffles and made my way out.  But just to be posting some pictures:

Fiona, when I met her.  This is the picture I sent to my mother.  After a couple of texts, she told me to come home, get online and apply for her right away.

Meeting Fiona

And Fiona’s Christmas portrait, 2012 – courtesy of Sisterazzi Photography


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