Dog Update

When it has been so long since you’ve written that you forgot what you meant to say.  So I will start with the dogs.

Gibbs had kennel cough, which was a nightmare because he couldn’t go to doggie day care for two weeks.  And if he doesn’t go, Fiona doesn’t go.  Do you know what it looks like when Fiona doesn’t get enough exercise?  It looks like there are holes being dug in my backyard.

Also, Gibbs continues to have tummy trouble.  We have ruled out lots of bad stuff and are changing his diet.  He was on California Naturals Chicken and Rice, which is supposed to be really easily digestible, so if that isn’t working, we need to try a different protein.  I like the California Naturals brand, so we are trying him on the Salmon and Peas variety.  We took..I don’t know, a week, to transition him over.  Last night, shortly before dinner, he vomited his breakfast.  Beh.  The vet wasn’t terribly worried, so we are giving it one more go.

In more pleasant doggie news, Sisterrazzi Photography  was at Wags on Willow last weekend and took some portraits.  Fiona does much better with this than Gibbs, but:


Fiona is now featured on their Facebook page twice.  She would not appreciate the more recent pic.

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