Pictures with Wanda the Witch

I am sure I’ve told you all that the best way to get me to attend your fundraiser is to have an event that involves my dogs.  Today, The Buddy Foundation held a fundraiser at its facility in Arlington Heights where my dogs could have their pictures taken with Wanda the Witch.  Here is some video from last year’s event:

My dogs were way worse than any of these dogs (or children).

It took an entire team to help us get this shot, and I was given a print rather than an e-mail after the fact.  There was some pretty bad flash in their eyes, so I actually took a picture of the picture with my iPhone and played around a bit.  This was the result:

Hounds of Hell and all.

Because my dogs wouldn’t behave, I didn’t take the time to tour the facility, but it looked lovely.  I know at least one person that adopted from there and she was very happy.  They seem to specialize in cats, but there are dogs available for adoption and we saw the Mastiff named Hank in what I think was a play room.  He looked like a charming, friendly dog.

Thanks to the Buddy Foundation for giving me something to do with my dogs today.  I hope you raised a lot of money for the animals!

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