Bird Toys

There’s this toy that Kiwi really likes.

Mostly cardboard with some wood pieces, held together by a soft cotton rope.  Retails for $25.  For as long as it lasts her, that isn’t too bad.  However, you will notice that she is really only interested in the cardboard.  So the last time I ordered bird stuff from I found the replacement pieces and they were pretty cheap for bird toys so I bought them and restrung the rope:

Bird Toy1

Great.  She will be very happy.   I removed the wooden pieces and will take them to the Refuge for to make toys for the birds that need wood to shred.

Then I thought about the cardboard replacement pieces.  And how many, many empty boxes we have lying around.  How I could cut them up and punch some holes and make the things for free.

And it just seemed like too much work.

So for anyone in my family (read as:  my brother, Scott) who complains that I am an impossible person to gift, there it is.  Make me these. (Sunglasses pictured for perspective.)

Bird Toy2

Obviously, the corners don’t have to be rounded but the hole should be big enough to string them on something rope-like.  And the box should be plain brown with no chemicals or adhesives.

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