Category: Conversations with Kiwi

I’m Never Filming at the Right Time

Before dinner, I had just put the birds back in their room and we were in the kitchen with the dogs. There is a baby gate between the two rooms. Kiwi the Grey started swinging from her rope toy, ringing the bell. Fiona the… Continue Reading “I’m Never Filming at the Right Time”

Cosmo Video

Kiwi was in the kitchen screaming.  We were in the family room.  I called out: Me:     That’ll do, Kiwi! Kiwi:   You’re ok!  (screams again) Me:     (to my mother)  See.  She’s doing that now.  Using “You’re ok” when she means,… Continue Reading “Cosmo Video”

Game Time Conversation

Bears Game.  The Cowboys are returning a punt.  The rookie has plenty of room.  He hits about the 30 and I knew he was taking it to the house. Me:     OH MY GAAWWWWD!!!!  (In a bad way)Kiwi:   WHAT?!Me:      Um…football.  Bad.Kiwi:   Are you OK?Me:     No.  Not… Continue Reading “Game Time Conversation”

I Can’t Make this Stuff Up, Folks

Kiwi was perched on the refrigerator. It is her favorite lookout point. I went in to the next room, the bird room to see Billy. I had left the door to his cage open, but he hadn’t come out. Me: (reaching out a hand)… Continue Reading “I Can’t Make this Stuff Up, Folks”


Kiwi has a couple of the hard plastic toys that you might give a toddler.  Electronic toys where the child pushes the buttons to hear letters or numbers or sounds.  She likes the telephone one the best.  Thursday night, when I was at the… Continue Reading “Counting”