Financial Happiness

MSN had a good article:  5 Financial Habits That Will Make You Happy.

The article opens with a statistic that I heard no long ago:

“happiness rises as household income does up to about $75,000 ..but beyond that more money won’t make you happier”

I still don’t know how I feel about that one.  Anyway.  None of the five habits ticked me off – in fact I actually find them all to be true.  My favorite is #1:

“Get Pretty Organized.”

Personally, I can’t manage to get really organized.  I am too lazy to make a budget and too spoiled to stick to it. Example:

One trick my sister-in-law, Becky, uses is to grocery shop only every two weeks.  To do that, she has to plan meals for two weeks together.  I saw the list and was totally bewildered:

“But what if you don’t want that for dinner tonight?”

“Too bad,” was her answer.  I have nothing like that kind of discipline.

I can, however, manage to stick receipts in a file folder.  Archive e-mails.  My taxes are always in order.  I can tell you that I spent $1,500 on gasoline in 2010.  American Express says so.  I feel better now.

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